Anchovies and Eggs Mish Mash

The blog was offline for 18 hours and there were red alerts all over saying it might be distributing malware and infecting your computers. Well, I’m not distributing malware and I did not infect my pages. But someone did something. Whether that person has been hired by someone who wants to bring Home Cooking Rocks! down or whether it was some random attack, I do not know. But my blog is clean and the removal of the alerts attests to that. If you’re still seeing them, just clear your browser’s cache then restart the browser and they’ll be gone.

Needless to say, it’s been a stressful day and I’ve been snarky and irritable. I was planning on posting a more exotic dish today but let’s keep it light for now, shall we? Some kind of comfort food seems to be more appropriate because comfort was something I needed badly while waiting for Google to review the site, re-crawl the pages, and remove the red alerts. I know it’s not something that people looking for recipes would care to know about but food blogging does have a technical aspect to it, you know?

This anchovies and egg dish was breakfast two days ago. Remember the sauteing basics entry? Well, this breakfast dish is an application of everything that’s in there. Heat the olive oil in a pan. Saute the garlic, onion, chilis, and tomatoes until they soften a little. Add the basil leaves and continue cooking until the leaves start to wilt.

Stir lightly and cook just until the eggs are set. Okay, here’s where preferences enter the picture. Some people like their eggs fully cooked and quite dry. I like my eggs soft and still runny in places. So, I turn off the heat before everything gets dry. You can always choose to cook the eggs to death if that’s how you like them.

Serve the anchovies and eggs with salt on the side. I did not add salt while cooking because the anchovies are very salty and it is only when the dish is cooked that one can determine if it needs more salt. So, let that be an individual choice. Serve the anchovies and eggs with rice or with bread it’s good either way.