Benefits of Durian for the Health of Your Body

Durian fruit favors

7 Benefits of Durian for the Health of Your Body Durian fruit favors and is favored by some people. A sweet, pungent smell, the color yellow, and the fruit have sharp spines on the Peel are physical properties owned by durian fruit. However, hopping durian durian season always look forward to going to arrive. In addition to being sweet, the fruit durian also has a variety of nutritional health benefits for the body. Then, what are the benefits of a durian fruit that is terrific for the body’s health?

Contains nutrients

Durian fruit is also known as the king of fruit (the King of all fruits). This is because durian fruit contains nutrients in the form of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus is very high. A variety of nutrients that help maintain and sustain the body stay healthy and fit all day long. To know the various health benefits of durian for the detail of the body, health tips will be served in full on the discussion this time, following, 7 powerful benefits of durian for the health of your body.

The Solution In Order Not Easily Tired. In 100 grams of fruit, the durian can fulfill the needs of carbohydrates needed by the body of 21 percent. So the fruit durian can add instant body energy when activity or job that is relatively dense and draining to and mind. An Antidote To Depression In A More Natural. Durian fruit contains vitamin B6 which has the role of producing serotonin. Serotoni this is what will counteract depression that strikes you.

Nutrition For Bones And Teeth. Durian fruit contains calcium, potassium, and vitamins B1 and B2 which can supply a wide range of essential nutrients necessary to preserve and maintain bone health dang your teeth.
Skin More Youthful. Durian fruit contains a source of vitamin C which is quite high. Vitamin C can ward off a variety of free radicals and slow down the aging process of the skin of your face and body.

Variety of digestive

More Healthy Digestion. Durian fruit contains a high enough fiber, the fiber content of this work can help digestive organs can work more optimally. Thus, a variety of digestive problems such as constipation or constipation is not a problem anymore for you. Stabilize The Sugar Levels In The Blood. Durian fruit contains manganese which plays a role in controlling the levels of sugar in the blood to remain normal. Solutions To Anemia (Lack Of Blood). Durian fruit contains folate, copper, as well as xat iron, which play an important role in addressing the symptoms of anemia or lack of blood that afflicts you.