Can you Make Money

Do you have a creative side to you? If so then might be the place to monetize your artistic skills and perhaps make some good bank. I started as an artist many moons ago. I, like many artists that I knew back in the day, had a hard time selling art. Even today, most creatives just don’t know how to go about marketing and selling their products.

Before the internet, one of the most common ways to sell art or crafts was through art galleries or exhibition fairs. In most cases, you split the profit in half with the gallery while exhibition fairs would charge you for space where you displayed your products. Today, we have a plethora of online platforms that provide avenues for creatives to get their work out there and make money

What makes such a popular shopping place is a lot of items are quite unique in nature, compared to the usual mass-produced products that consumers are used to. Vintage items must be at least 20 years old. According to, had 2.5 million sellers with over 60 million products as of the end of 2019 spread over 234 countries. 62% of sellers are based in the US. As a side-business is a great place for sellers and customers looking to buy goods made from recycled and upcycled materials.

Unlike what you would get from many stores most products on are distinctly unique in comparison to what you get on every other store. You can even buy personalized products like getting an engraved handbag with your loved one’s name on it.

How to get started
Setting up a shop with is easy peasy. There are no setup fees to open up your shop. After you create your shop, you’re encouraged to add a logo, a banner, and a description with social media links. You will need to pay a $0.20 per item listing fee and a 5% transaction fee when the item sells. Listings automatically renew every four months will provide you with a monthly statement with the fees automatically deducted

Your customized online shop comes with full e-commerce capabilities It certainly takes significant time to make your products, set up your shop, and optimize your product titles and descriptions so people can actually find your super cool products!

Can you make money
The reality is one can make money and in fact, there are people on making a full-time income. The other reality is that the vast majority of people make a meagre income on. In my opinion, the easiest way to make money with is to sell digital downloadable items like art prints, stationery designs, and planners. These are products you can sell over and over, and you don’t need to worry about shipping or having to deal with refunds.