Coffee Mudslide

If you like mudslides but would rather stay away from alcohol, here’s a delicious cold drink that has the same mudslide effect without any alcohol. Instead of coffee liqueur, I used strong coffee. No special equipment nor ingredients just your usual coffee and some chocolate syrup. Make your coffee but make it twice as strong. Don’t worry, you won’t be drinking strong coffee because you’ll be diluting it with ice.

Measure half a cup of strong coffee and pour it into a mug. Add sugar and cream, and stir to make a smooth mixture. Then, add enough ice cubes (you may also use shaved ice) to make the coffee very, very cold. After adding the ice, your mixture should measure approximately one cup. Take a glass with about one cup capacity. Holding it at a 45-degree angle, pour the chocolate syrup directly onto the sides of the glass.

Brazilian crush

Authentic Brazilian crush is made with cachaça. Until last night, I didn’t know what cachaça was. When Speedy said he would substitute rum because we don’t have cachaça, he told me it was a spirit made from sugar cane and I wondered if it is similar to the local tuba which is also made from sugar cane. How much different our Brazilian crush tasted because of the substitution, I do not know. But we liked it so I suppose that means we’ll try and get cachaça next time.

Place the orange slices, lime juice, and grenadine in a shaker, muddle for a few seconds, add the cachaça (or rum), shake, and pour into a glass through a strainer. Add ice and garnish with fresh mint leaves. If you’re not familiar with grenadine, it is a red syrup commonly used as a cocktail drink mixer (see Silom Sunrise) but which I have also used for cooking (see my braised chicken with rosemary, grenadine, and lime juice. Grenadine is traditionally made from pomegranate juice although commercial grenadine may contain other fruit juices. If you have access to fresh pomegranates, you can easily make grenadine at home. Bottled grenadine is more convenient for us because fresh pomegranates are rare and pricey here in the Philippines.