Common Beauty Makeup Blunders

Apply firm pressure to stop the bleeding, and use a cold compress or an ice cube wrapped in tissue to quell swelling. You can get a minor contagion from something minor. Before trying bathroom surgery, bleach both the skin and the tweezers with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, and relate a topical antibiotic afterward. You spend lots of time painting your toe nails a beautiful, summery shade, but forget to check the state of the skin on your heels. The consequence: Dry, flaky, crusty heels peeking out of your mules and sandals. Long before you plan to break out the open-back shoes, start a heel-maintenance program.

You apply beauty makeup your tanner meticulously, avoiding streaks and splotches, but you forget that part of your body wherever your arms meet your hands. The consequence: Tanned sleeves and white hands. Strategic tanner application. If you’re using a conventional lotion tanner, squirt a dot of product onto the back of one hand. Then rub backs of hands together, up to your wrists, to coat hands naturally. Another choice: attempt one of the fresh spray-on tanners, which let you to direct a squashy stream of tanner onto the back of every hand (without risking the dreaded tanned-palms look).

The Trend: Neutral is of Glossy Lips for a Plumped-Up Pout and you apply a too-pale lip color that looks milky and washed out. You select a lipstick that’s lighter than your natural coloring in an effort to make your lips look fuller. To create the look of plump lips, use a shade that matches or is one shade deeper than your lips. Try a high-shine gloss-it reflects light from lips and creates the look of fullness. The style is of the Healthy, Suntanned seem all Year-Round and you relate a fake tan that’s more Day-Glo orange than sun kissed. Your bronzer has too much orange in it. For a glow that might essentially fool people into thinking that you went on holiday, select a brownish-red bronzer; these are the tones of naturally tanned skin.

Wearing too much bronzer gives a definitely unnatural look. And since the very idea of bronzer is to give a natural look, going overboard combats just what you’re trying to do. Instead, select a bronzer that’s on the lighter side. Look for one with no or very little shimmer, since natural tans are matte, not shiny. Apply with a fluffy blush brush by swiping brush over bronzer, blowing off surplus, and then gently sweeping the brush over cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and temples. If you need more or desire more depth, simply insert a second layer.