Deforestation is a threat to our environment!

Did you ever think that deforestation is a permanent destruction of our lovely and environment-friendly indigenous forests and beautiful woodlands?

Deforestation has its consequences and there is an estimate that deforestation is one of the causes of CO2 releases and it is all done by us: “human beings”. Most people now know that the greenhouse gas effect is caused by CO2 emissions. A drier weather is also an effect of deforestation.

But We Can Do a Lot to Protect Our Environment!

If we will not start struggling to protect our environment, no one else from another planet will come to do this. We can do the following in this regard:

Use less wood.

Plant more and more indigenous trees.

What is Carbon Cycle?

Forests store a huge amount of Carbon Dioxide which is abbreviated as CO2. It is collected from the atmosphere and then it is used to produce proteins, fats and some amount of carbohydrates. When we cut our forests, this CO2 storage destroys and carbon is emitted as CO2. When this happens, this increases the amount of CO2 present in the atmosphere.

What is Water Cycle? Trees collect and draw water from the earth (groundwater) and then because of transpiration, this is releases into our atmosphere. When we cut our forests, that region cannot hold water and this result in a drier climate.