Iberia Airline

Where you look it seems as if someone has something bad to say about Iberia. Apart from the normal laundry list of complaints about the inflight entertainment, old planes, and old seats however the main complaint that most people have is that Iberia does not provide much in ways of service.And that is mostly due to the fact that although Iberia bills itself as a full service airline, in reality it operates its Economy Class like a ‘no frills’ airline would. The advantage of this however is that Economy Class tickets are often a lot cheaper than most other European airlines, especially for flights within Europe.

All in all, Iberia has the feel of an airline that has undergone many major changes in recent years and is undergoing many more still. That part is certainly true, and from being the largest airline in Spain it has been privatized and then merged with British Airways to form a single airline group.Make no mistake, you’ll still get flights with the Iberia brand – but they are now run in tandem with British Airways as the International Airline Group.The good news is that with the privatization and merger steps are being taken to update and modernize the fleet, and that includes changing the seats of older planes that passengers always complained were ridiculously uncomfortable. Also, it means that backseat TV screens and better inflight entertainment are being put in.On top of that Iberia is also buying new planes to replace some of its older ones.

These changes are all still work’s in progress however and so if you were to book a flight on Iberia right now then you’d be left guessing as to whether or not you end up on one of the newer or refurbished planes or whether you get stuck with the same old airplanes that people complain about.Both of Iberia’s main bases of operation in Madrid and Barcelona are now top notch. The new Madrid terminals certainly take the cake considering the fact that they’ve won tons of awards, but Barcelona’s new Terminal 1 isn’t all that bad either – especially considering the fact that its old airport was subjected to a lot of criticism.

Assuming inflight service doesn’t really bother you all that much and you just want a cheap way to get around in Europe on an airline that can sometimes be quite decent – try seeing what Iberia has to offer. It might not be the best of the European airlines in terms of quality, but it is cheap and chances are you’ll be able to find a good deal – especially on transit or connecting flights that use Madrid or Barcelona.