Improve Quality Of Life

The benefits of sports are not only beneficial in terms of physical health but at the same time improving the quality of life. Some of them: Improve mood. When you feel or undergo a stressful day, walking briskly for 30 minutes or working in the fitness center can help improve your mood.

Exercise can stimulate the chemicals in the brain to make you feel happier and relaxed. Cultivate confidence. Sports done regularly are also useful to make you more confident about your appearance. Coping with stress. Research on the psychological effect of sports revealed that those activities can reduce depression and tension to overcome stress.

Make sleep more soundly. Do you have trouble sleeping at night or often wake up in the middle of the night? Regular exercise can help you to sleep faster and sleep. But avoid exercise too close to bedtime. Restore sexual arousal. Are you often too tired or uncomfortable with your body shape at the time would have sex? Start exercising to encourage the spirit while getting a better body. In addition, physical activity can also increase arousal in females and suppress the possibility of erectile dysfunction problems for men. Enjoy the fun time. Sport and physical activity is one way to spend leisure time with fun. It can also help cultivate relationships with friends and family while doing so together.

How much time the sport is needed?

If you are not accustomed to exercising and inactive throughout the day, then an increase in physical activity is anything that increases the heart rate and can prevent disease. Research shows that walking briskly for 1-2 hours per week or about 15-20 minutes per day will reduce the risk of various diseases.

And then actually how long does the exercise your body needs? In General, adults aged 19-64 years old need two types of sports, namely, aerobic activity and muscle-strengthening exercises. The total time of exercise needed is around 150 minutes per week. You can share them for several days, such as 30 minutes per workout in 5 days. Aerobic activity that can be done, for example, the activity of cycling or walking fast. The characteristics of those activities already done right are when the heart rate is higher and you sweat.

Daily tasks like cooking or shopping can not be classified as exercise because not increase heart rate as an aerobic activity. Among the aerobic exercise, break up with activity strengthening muscles of the legs, hips, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms. No matter what kind of exercise you choose, be sure to suit your needs and your physical ability.