Does Your Internet Business Make Money Online?

A lot of people will tell you that it is possible to make a lot of money online and they will even try to sell you “fantastic easy as ABC” make money programs that almost invariably don’t work. The only people getting rich from these programs are the people selling them. But in all seriousness, it is actually possible to make money online, just as it is possible to make money in any business. Some people will do really well and others won’t.

If you are not making money online it is probably for a number of reasons which we will discuss now.

1 New Business

One of the reasons that people don’t make money is that they set up a new business with the wrong expectations. A lot of people think that they will open shop and people will just pour in to buy, especially their friends and family. Sorry, but I have bad news for you. That probably will not happen. First your friends and family may buy from you (but not many will) and those that do will not spend enough to support your business. So you will need other customers and it takes time to find them. When you set up a business, people really don’t know you exist and it is true online. They have to find you and once they found you they need to like what you do and what you are selling it and this takes time. You almost certainly will not be making hundreds of dollars by the end of the 1st month, maybe in 6 months, so lesson number 1 is learn to be patient and to expect a slow beginning. Don’t give up after the first month.

2 Stop Trying To do Everything

One common reason for failure is not focusing on one thing first. Too many people trying to sell too many products will cause failure. I recommend that you focus on one product at a time and when it is selling well then move on to another.

3 Reading and Doing Nothing

Some of my students come into my programs with great expectations but never actually get round to doing anything while others are off making lots of money. They tell me that they don’t understand why its not working after all they read all the books. This is typical of a lot of people they read the motivational books, go to the motivational seminars and then do nothing. So stop reading and start following the advice. Even if you do it slowly, just do it.

4 Giving up After The First Failure.

This is a very common reason for failure. If this is your first time in business, you may not be used to failure. New business people are not used to the times when business will go wrong. Failure strategies are not taught normally in business schools and everyone thinks of success, so when failure happens (and it will sometimes) people simply don’t know what to do and pack up. Learn that failure is feedback and part of business. Adjust and move forward.

5 Not taking it seriously

For some people their online business is just a sideline and they don’t give it the time it really deserves. It will take time to build any business including an online business. It took me two weeks before I got my first 50 cents from AdSense and if I had given up then I would have lost a lot of money. Stop playing sideline and start being serious in business.

6 Trying to do everything themselves

There are times when you will need to outsource. I completely build my first website and although it was quite good, it took me about two months. I could have paid someone to do it in a couple of weeks, which is what I do now. I did learn so much, but I also wasted a lot of time and time is money. So these are just some of the tips I can give you about online business and I hope that they were of help. I know they may be common sense but some people forget to put these into their plans. Good luck in building your internet business.