Lufthansa Airline

Just like the country from which it hails from, Lufthansa is often regarded as a working demonstration of German efficiency. With two main hubs in Germany Frankfurt and Munich, this airline operates one of the better route networks in Europe and is renowned for being ever so dependable to get you where you’re going exactly on time. Unfortunately over the years, Lufthansa has also developed a reputation for being a little too plain and stark. Until very recently, the airline did not have backseat TV screens on their Economy class, and although they are now taking steps to add this feature it remains a coin toss as to whether or not you’re lucky enough to get on a plane that has them.

Furthermore, their business-class lounges are generally a letdown as well. Don’t expect much luxury if you head over to the Business Class lounge because you’re going to end up disappointed.The good news however is that as part of their upgrading program Lufthansa now has a fleet of Airbus A380s in operation that feature much better inflight entertainment as well as numerous other bells and whistles. Furthermore, the Economy on these flights makes use of the new ‘slim line’ seats that allow them to put more people in the Economy while also allowing for more legroom.

Because of the stiff competition and also the troubles of recent times, Lufthansa has been slashing prices over the last few years as well, making them a lot more affordable now and that combined with the general efficiency of their staff makes them a big favorite among business travelers.The one thing that business travelers inevitably end up complaining about however has got to be the frequent flyer scheme that is often so tough that it barely provides any perks, and certainly not convincing enough advantages compared to the frequent flyer clubs of other airlines.

Still, the food and drinks on Lufthansa flights are one area that you can count on to impress. In fact, even the food and drinks in the Economy are good so much so that you’ll find that there’s barely any difference between the food in the Economy and the food in Business.If getting to where you’re going on time is important then it may be a good idea to cash in on Lufthansa’s stellar reputation in that area. Otherwise, despite the cheaper prices you could very well find that other airlines offer better core features.