Plan Your Trip with These Tips

Book your hotels and tours in advance

Just like airfares, hotel rates also have the tendency to go up as the date of travel approaches. To ensure a hassle-free vacation, it is always better to book your hotels and tours in advance especially if you are going to an area during the holidays. Hotels in areas such as Boracay, Batangas, and Puerto Galera, for example, are often fully booked during the summer season and Holy Week. So if you want to ensure that you have a place to stay on your visit, it is best to confirm your reservation as soon as you can.

Some tours also accommodate only a certain number of tourists. Entrance to the famous “Underground River” boat ride is perhaps the most highly regulated tourist attraction in the country. You need a special permit to enter the protected sanctuary and only a limited number of tourists are allowed to enter in a day in order to preserve the area. So if you want to secure your slot, make sure to contact a reputable tour agency at least two weeks in advance.

Time your travel

Participating in a local fiesta is perhaps one of the most fun things to do while traveling. Not only do you get yourself immersed in local culture, but you also get the chance to see the best of what the place has to offer. In fact, you can schedule your vacation right in time for the local fiesta. You can go up to Baguio and observe the flower festival in February, stroll around beautifully decorated houses in Lucban during the Pahiyas in May, and celebrate with the different tribes of Palawan as they celebrate Baragatan all throughout June. These are just some of the many colorful festivities in the Philippines that can make your vacation extra special. Try it!

Know your budget

Make sure also that you have enough money with you to spend on things that you want especially on items that can only be found only in the area. Know how much money you will need for tours and other expenses associated with your travel so you can plan in advance how much you need to bring with you. This is highly important especially if you are travelling in far-flung areas where access to ATMs is not as widespread as in the cities. Having enough cash with you also saves you from the hassle of scrimping on other things just to fit in your budget.

So as early as now, plan your future travels! Let your bosses know about your intention, be on the lookout for airfare discounts, book your tours and hotels early, research, and try to have as much fun as you can! Hope to see you on your future travels!