Vapour Blasting Is Suitable For Refinishing Surfaces

Vapour Blasting is used for refinishing surfaces...  

Just like the sandblasting process, vapour blasting process is also used for cleaning and restoring surfaces. In vapour blasting, the media used is a mixture of water, compressed air and detergents, which results in a better removal of oxidized metals and corrosive materials. Popularly called wet blasting, vapour blasting is fast turning out to be the number one alternative for applications that require a top quality surface finish. 

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Is vapour blasting a better option?

The benefit of vapour blasting is that it degreases as well as blasts components of various shapes and sizes at the same time. Since the cleaning in this process is done with the help of water based abrasive, the flushing action of the water tends to give a much cleaner finish than any other process. Unlike sandblasting, the beauty of using a vapour blasting machine is that cleaning media does not get impregnated into the component. Moreover, since the cleaning process is water based, there is absolutely no possibility of any dust being created, which makes this process ideal for working in a workshop.

What can a vapour blasting machine effectively remove?A

vapour blasting machine can effectively remove dust, dirt, grease, paint, grime and other pollutants that could adversely affect the protective coating on a surface. As a matter of fact, the refinishing of a surface by a vapour blasting process is much cleaner and better than any other process available in the market today.

Benefits of using vapour blasting...

1. This a completely dust free process

2. This process does not leaveany scratch marks because it cleans by water flow

3. This process de-greases and blast-cleans surfaces at the same time

4. This process results in longer surface life 

5. This process doesn't impregnate surfaces, thus protecting softer materials

Typical applications of vapour blasting...

1. For degreasing and surface refinishing jobs

2. For cleaning dyes and moulds

3. For removing paint, rust, carbon and similar deposits

4. For preparation of surface

5. For creating fine finishes with stainless steel & other materials

6. For cleaning PCBs and various electrical connectors

7. For removing small burrs from produced components

How to know if vapour blasting is the right option for you?

If you are regularly using sandblasting to clean the machinery parts in your inventory, then probably it is time for you to switch to a much cleaner and dust free option called vapour blasting. If you are really interested in enhancing the output and cleanliness of your machinery parts, and are also sick of the dusty mess your dry blasting method is creating, then it is high time that you seriously consider going for vapour blasting for cleaning of your machine parts. This cleaning process not only increases the output of your parts, but also brings down the cost involved in carrying such operations. That's why; it is no wonder that vapour blasting has become the number one option for industries using machine parts in their operations.