Buffalo Chicken Wings

Deep-fried or grilled, buffalo chicken wings are spicy and coated with a hot sauce. Some purists claim that real buffalo chicken wings are never breaded. I don’t care what they say the breading catches more sauce and makes the chicken tastier. A lot of buffalo chicken wings recipes that you will find online simply tell you to coat the chicken with bottled sauce. I do not like that idea because it’s like saying that you can’t make good chicken buffalo wings without relying heavily on bottled hot sauce.

I always start with well-seasoned chicken wings that have been allowed to marinate in the fridge for at least two hours. With larger pieces of chicken, like thighs and legs, I prefer a longer marinating time, but with chicken wings, two hours are quite sufficient. Then, I cook the chicken wings Southern style after which I coat them with my special hot barbecue sauce.

To make buffalo chicken wings, you will first need to cook southern-style fried chicken wings. While the chicken marinates, prepare the hot barbecue sauce. This barbecue sauce recipe is good for 10 medium-sized chicken wings. Note that you can use more, or less, of any of the ingredients to suit your taste. I like my buffalo chicken wings rather sweet and mildly spicy. Put all the ingredients in a jar with a screw-type cap. Cover the jar and shake until everything is well blended. Let sit to allow the flavors to develop while the chicken marinates.

When the fried chicken is done, strain the marinade into a frying pan, pressing the spices against the strainer to squeeze out all the juices. Heat to boiling point then add the cooked chicken wings, stirring and working fast to coat the chicken wings evenly. Remember that the sauce is sticky because of the honey so you need to work fast. Cook for a minute or so over medium heat, or just until the sauce has been absorbed. Turn off the heat and serve the chicken wings at once.

Buffalo chicken wings are traditionally served with blue cheese sauce on the side. You may choose not to, or you may opt for sour cream and garlic sauce. Your choice. I’m content to eat my buffalo chicken wings with buttered pearl potatoes and steamed vegetables.