Sauteed Chicken and Squash with Fresh Tarragon

First, the “Print This Post” function has finally been restored. I had to wait until a new version of the plugin, compatible with the latest version of WordPress, was available before I could put it back.

Second, sometime next week, my family will be moving to a new house. I chose the lighting for the kitchen so that I wouldn’t need special lighting equipment to take videos. If you recall, I mentioned a couple of months ago about adding a video segment to Home Cooking Rocks! We did shoot videos except that the lighting in our kitchen right now did not yield good results. Most of the videos were downright terrible. After the move, video shooting will commence in a better-lighted kitchen.

Third, the new house has a larger garden which will allow me to plant more herbs and even a few vegetables. We’re replanting some of the herbs we have right now and adding more in the coming months. So, there will be a new sub-blog on fresh herbs. Instead of just mentioning herbs in the recipes, I might as well write about them. That might convince you better that herbs in cooking aren’t just for decoration. They improve dishes in so many ways. Moreover, I was recently told that most herbs can be brewed to make tea. Fresh herbal tea. Can anything be better?

Fourth, I don’t know how long it will take before our telephone line can be transferred to the new house. There might be a few days after the move when I won’t have a broadband connection so I won’t be able to moderate and respond to comments and e-mails. However, I have started posting “future entries” so that new recipes will still get posted until things return to normal.

I cooked this chicken and squash dish for my kids’ packed school lunch a couple of days ago. My original plan was to add coconut milk (my kids love anything with coconut milk) but the humid weather made me think twice. Coconut milk spoils fast so I decided it wasn’t the best time for a vegetable and coconut milk dish. To make an otherwise plain sauteed dish exciting, I added finely sliced fresh tarragon to the chicken and squash. Tarragon, after all, is a traditional accompaniment to chicken and fish dishes.