Spanish coffee

The moment I saw it, my first instinct was to grab my camera. Fast. Because it’s a hot drink and the whipped cream was dissolving fast. By the time I had taken a few photos, Speedy had gone downstairs again and I was calling after him for the recipe. Pour the brandy and Kahlua into a mug. Add enough hot strong coffee to fill the mug. Reserve enough space for the whipped cream.

Honeydew and Mint Cooler

Inspired by a drink concocted by Bob Blumer in his Surreal Gourmet show, Speedy substituted lemon for lime as lime is not always easy to find in supermarkets (our lime tree is fruitless these days).

This drink is low-fat and low-sugar since no milk nor cream is used and the only sugar you get is the natural sugar of the honeydew. Despite the minimal ingredients and the simplicity of the recipe, the honeydew and mint cooler is delicious as the lemon juice spikes the blandness of the honeydew and the mint gives off a cooling sensation in the mouth.

Since no ice is added to make this drink, it is best to chill the honeydew before cutting and putting it in the blender. Scoop out the seeds of the honeydew with a spoon. Scoop out the flesh and put it in the blender with the mint leaves. Squeeze the lemon straight into the blender. Process the mixture until smooth.

Mango Lassi

Lassi is a popular drink in many South Asian countries. It is made with yogurt, milk, and spices. The sweet version, often served cold, has fruits added. Mango lassi is the most well-known among the many varieties of sweet lassi and it is very popular in Singapore and Malaysia.

It is easy enough to make mango lassi at home especially now that it is summer and sweet ripe mangoes are abundant. To make it less frightening to family members who are unfamiliar with the term “lassi”, just tell them it’s not much different from a mango milkshake. Honey is an optional ingredient but its addition neutralizes the sourness of the yogurt and makes the lassi taste very much like the sugar-laden milkshake.

The mangoes, yogurt, and milk should be well chilled before you start making your lassi. Cut the mangoes and discard the stones. Score the flesh into cubes and scoop out directly into the blender. Add the rest of the ingredients except the ice cubes. Process until smooth.