Wedding Decorations Columns

The couples interested in creating a beautiful décor for their wedding ceremony and reception should consider renting or buying columns. These columns can be easily adorned with beautiful floral arrangements or colorful sheer fabrics suitable for the wedding theme chosen. On the market you have the opportunity to find a wide variety of columns that you can buy at reasonable prices.

For instance, a pair of marble-looking fluted pillars can cost between $28 and $34 depending on its height. These pillars come with a unique look which reminds of ancient Greek columns. They are made of quality and light material and can measure between 3 and 6 feet. You should consider enriching these pillars with white or colored sheer material and embellishing them with low or tall floral arrangements that match your wedding theme.

You also have the possibility to buy lighted columns which will ensure a beautiful and intimate atmosphere when lighted up. These columns can be ordered in sizes between 5.5 and 7.5 inches and can be decorated with stylish details. In addition, you can also place exquisite vases with flowers at the top of each column in order to provide an even more elegant aspect to the reception room or church chosen.

The Rose Column should also be on your list. That’s because this column impresses with a round design and gorgeous architectural details. The front side of this column is decorated with a beautiful green vine which cascades from the top to the bottom holding beautiful pink roses. Made of quality material, this wedding column measures 14 inches and costs only $7.

When it comes to decorating these wedding columns you should know that you have a wide variety of options at disposal. For instance, if you choose the plain white version of these columns you should consider decorating them by using tiny and sparkling lights. You need to attach the lights from the bottom to the top using double-sided sticky tape or hot glue. You can also add a few fake vines after you set up the lights because they will ensure a more stylish appearance. Another suitable option for decorating your wedding columns involves adding various ribbons that match the colors used for your wedding. You can make two large bows and place them in the middle of each column or you can insert smaller bows into vines in order to obtain a more casual look. Don’t forget about flower bouquets and helium-filled balloons which will also ensure a beautiful décor that won’t be easily forgotten by your guests.