Three Leading Hints For Boosting

You know how effective your RSS feeds are to keep aware of your site when you add new content, and that’s the main reason why you should actively market your RSS feed subscription.

You’ll find that people will appreciate your writing more if they can scan it fast and easy. There are many reasons for the scanning, but perhaps the greatest is we’re all so pressed for time. They want to get done with things as soon as possible and at the same time find valuable content that they can use now. Clear, concise writing that is easily understood, plus it’s easy to skim, will go far with making people stay on your site longer. Consider what your site content will be like if it’s in an RSS feed reader. Your RSS feed will still need to get the attention of a person because usually folks subscribe to multiple feeds. This is why you need to stand out of the crowd and make your content scannable so that your subscribers actually take notice of it in their reader and go through it. Content that’s easy to scan always wins because it will not annoy people, and everyone’s just looking to get a little good information.

Try to help out your visitors by writing an article that explains to them what RSS is and how they can subscribe to your feed. If you feel your readers are more than likely to have difficulty, then doing this is a very good idea. So go ahead and create a unique step by step article that explains to your readers what RSS is and that it isn’t anything complicated. Most people who don’t subscribe to RSS won’t know about feed readers, so then you can quickly put up another article that makes all that clear. Most people have never heard of feed readers and why they’re cool to use, etc. Feed readers have different features and applications; so it’s a good idea to let them get a little knowledge about them. Don’t ever send your visitors to a lower quality service for obvious reasons.

Lastly, stick to a single topic and don’t jump around too often. Your subscribers are on your RSS feed because they are interested in your content. If you make posts that aren’t on the same topic, it can make people unsubscribe to you because they’ll no longer be getting what they want. Not only that, but if you want your current subscribers to tell their friends, your posts had better be relevant.

In summary, from the above article we come to understand that increasing your RSS subscribers is no different than doing adding email subscribers. This is the kind of thing that is easy to do and doesn’t cost anything except a little time.